What Is A DUNS nubmer(邓白氏编码)


D-U-N-S® Number (Data Universal Numbering System Number)。

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• 美国国家标准协会 ANSI ASC X12 - 始于1999年
• 联合国 - 始于1991年
• 欧洲委员会
• 国家标准机构 - 始于1993年
• 美国联邦政府
• 电子商务及收购组织 - 始于1994年
• 联邦能源调整委员会
• 美国邮政服务
• 北美自由贸易协定
• 澳大利亚政府

For those who want to understand what is a DUNS number, it refers to the short form of the Data universal numbering system and is a code required by the federal government for all organizations applying for federal grants. The 9-digit code is issued by the Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) and gives organizations useful information for making credit, purchasing and marketing decisions. This code is thus used by the state to evaluate the creditworthiness of grants applicants. Bidders to various government projects are also evaluated basing on that code.

Over 70 million organizations use this identification worldwide. This allows the government to track dealings of these businesses. Some of them have sub codes called DUNS +4 used for identifying the activities of smaller units within large organizations. The Federal Office of Management and Budget uses the identifier to track how grants are dispersed and used. This makes it easy to identify cases of misuse of such funds thus corrective action taken. Firms which are already registered can also build their credit rating thus making it possible to land larger federal deals.

Different institutions of learning are expected to apply for this identification as they are among the common beneficiaries of education grants. Since October 2003, firms applying for the Arts Endowment are required to have the identification. You should therefore check with the administration of your institution to determine if it is already registered if applying for any grant.

Each physical location of any organization must have its own identification. This means organizations with multiple branches or areas of operation are expected to apply for multiple numbers. Applying for this is free thus, you can have as many as you have operation bases. You may also opt to have multiple numbers for departments with co-locations. This makes it possible to determine which department is using the dispatched resources appropriately. Corrective measures can also be taken on departments which are not performing well.

Whenever you are registered with the D&B, you often receive various advertisements about government grants and contracts that your company can apply for. This ensures you are always on the know how of whatever is happening with respect to your line of operation.

You can apply for the unique identifier online or by phone. The process will take one business day though phone applications may be processed immediately. The identifier may be written with dashes to make it more readable. However, the dashes are not part of the D&B database. For those trying to understand what is a DUNS number, the identifier on itself does not have a meaning and is randomly allocated therefore does not expose your company to identity theft.

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