Windows Update Blocker


Windows 10 offers less UI control over the updating behavior of the operating system than previous versions of Windows , There is no option to turn off Windows Updates using the Control Panel or Settings app in Windows 10, it checks for updates automatically and install any updates they find,

1、whether you like it or not. This new feature is actually pretty convenient for most users. If you want control over the update process you can disable the Windows Update service . This requires that you open the Services manager, locate the service and change its startup parameter and status. You would then have to enable the service again whenever you want the operating system to check for updates (It does not look so easy).

2、Windows Update Blocker 也支持屏蔽连接到微软升级服务器的其它服务项。感兴趣的朋友,可在名为 wub.ini 的配置文件中手动添加相关定义。

3、作为一款贴心的软件,其采用了极简的小巧 UI,允许用户一键启用或禁用 Windows 更新服务。


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