最佳答案: 全称是Corona Virus Disease,这是一个新的合成词汇,所以取Corona的前两个字母 Co,取Virus 的前两个字母 vi,以及取Disease的一个首字母,组成 Covid

CORONA” 源自拉丁语,“珂罗”二字含义为 “皇冠”

Covid-19 is spreading. And some people have caught it.What should we do to fight with it. Here is my advice .
Firstly ,don't go to the crowded places with lots of people .In these places virus can be spread easily and quickly.
Secondly, if you have to go out, you must wear a breathing mask to protect yourself.
Thirdly, each of us must have good habits to keep clean. We should wash hands often. It's wise to open the windows to let the fresh air in ,too. Fourthly, we are supposed to exercise as much as possible to build ourselves up.
Last but not least when we find that we have a fever and cough ,we must go to the hospital to see a doctor as quickly as we can, If we pay attention to these suggestions and do like these, we can prevent and beat the disease.

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