On Windows 7, how to Shut Down the computer without the Update?

1 You can press Ctrl + Alt + Del and choose shutdown from the bottom right menu. It will not install updates if shutdown from this interface.

2 Another option is to hit Win+R to bring up the run menu, then type

shutdown /t 0 /s

3 You can change what the power button does when the computer is one. Change the setting to shut down the computer. This will shut down the computer will out installing updates.

To change what the power button does in Win7... ControlPanel -> Power Options -> on the right click on "Choose what the power buttons do"


4 There is a Registry Hack provided by The How-To Geek on how to disable this here:

Stop Windows Update from Hijacking the Sleep/Shutdown Button

You can apply it manually or download the registry file which enables and disables this feature. I deploy it to all Windows 7 machines I own and it works beautifully.


Add a 32-bit DWORD value called NoAUAsDefaultShutdownOption with a value of 1. No reboot should be necessary.


more HijackMySleepButtonAgain.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




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