1、 select * from session_privs; SELECT * FROM USER_SYS_PRIVS; select * from user_tab_privs;

2、What privileges the resource contains:resouce包含哪些权限 SELECT * FROM DBA_SYS_PRIVS WHERE GRANTEE='RESOURCE';

3、Roles & Predefined Roles Roles are named groups of related privileges that you grant to users or other roles. Predefined roles are defined automatically for Oracle databases: SELECT * FROM DBA_ROLES;

4、Privileges  A privilege is a right to execute an SQL statement or to access another user's object. In Oracle, there are two types of privileges: system privileges and object privileges. A privileges can be assigned to a user or a role. SELECT * FROM system_privilege_map;

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES grant all privileges to zulia; select count(*),grantee 2 from dba_sys_privs 3 where grantee in ('MDSYS','EMIL','ZULIA') 4* group by grantee

查看当前用户的缺省表空间 select username,default_tablespace from user_users;

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